Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dog Portraits

I was recently asked to sculpt a pair of dog earrings by the owner of a local bead shop. Little did I know, but she apparently has a large customer base that are dog lovers and owners! She called me for the next several days with orders for her customers. I have been having a lot of fun, as I myself am a dog (all animals actually, except ants!) lover. Here is a picture of a German shepherd I had to make for a lady that lost hers recently. I had to re-do it several times, however she was not happy with it because it still did not look like her dog. (Everyone I showed it to alongside the picture thought so). I think it is hard for someone to grieve over the loss of a pet and therefore cannot see that although the bead came out great, it cannot fill the void of the lost pet. So now I will offer it for sale on my website, and I am sure there is someone out there that will adopt it! I think from now on I will have to really explain to customers that I try my best to duplicate their pet, however, if it is a lost pet, they may not see it as good as others do because it literally cannot fill that empty space, not even the acquiring of another pet could, so sometimes. we have to move on and accept another life into our hearts.


BlondeSense Liz said...

That puppy was outrageous. I was amazed at how you sculpted that before my eyes and how much it looked like the picture. I'm afraid that the picture the lady gave you probably didn't even look like her dog! There could be no other reason.

Love your blog.

Ginny Baker said...

Oh boy - I've been blogging about this very subject myself recently - custom orders and how difficult they can sometimes be to do. I do dogs in clay as well and I think you did a fantastic job with your German Shepherd. Course I didn't see the pic of her dog, but it looks wonderful to me!