Monday, July 28, 2008

Clay Weekend in Connecticut!

I just got back from an exciting claying weekend in CT at the Clay connection retreat! I met up with lots of friends there and we had a blast. Several of us entered our creations in the Bottles of Hope challenge sponsored by the guild.
(visit for more info on this)

I am happy to say that my bottle won a blue ribbon for the Best Sculpture category. There were so many great designs, and I think all came away winners as the descisions were very difficult for the judges! All entries will be donated to an individual being treated for cancer and each bottle is majically filled with well wishes and hope for it's recipient.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My little tenant...

This little tree frog has lived on my deck in a jumbo flower pot for the last 3 years. Today he is hanging in the cup holder in the cooler lid like it is his own little swimming pool. I am a bit concerned because this summer I have not had one single frog or toad in my built in pool. Every year I pull at least a dozen of them out each day, but this year there have been none! This is sad to me because I know that the amphibians are a good marker for what is happening with the enviroment. There were not even any tadpoles in the pools cover when we took it off at the beginning of the summer.....I am sad.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Trying it on ebay....

I am trying to establish myself on ebay. So as far as committing goes, we will see if I can do a better job there than I do of posting to this blog! LOL!!! I have made several pieces to try and sell on ebay, and will try and list at least 4 items every Sunday evening. Here is the link to one of them if you feel like checking it out and please let me know what you think if you do!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm trying to keep this up!

I am trying to remember to post on the blog, but time goes by so fast that I keep forgetting.

I am going to have to write myself a to-do list each day, with what i need to do the next day! It seems lately that if I do not write it down, I will forget! I have to remember where i am leaving the notes to myself, or it will be a loose/loose situation! Anyway, I am back from a weekend class, actually I have been back a week now, in NYC with Lindley Hunani. I stayed at my friend Liz's house with another friend, Sue. We all attended the class and had a really great time and met some really nice NY clayers! i am hoping to go back soon for a visit with Liz and I will see alot of the NY ladies in CT at the Clay Connection at the end of July! I feel like I cannot post a written blog with our adding a picture, so here is one i just took a few minutes ago out on my deck with my 2 precious babies, Chicky and Cooper. (Little Chicky is the boss, believe it or not!)