Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Oh well, I have been busy making new cookie (clay) cutters and they all seem to be cats! Perhaps that is because I have decided to try a new venue and sell my creations, or at least try and sell them, at Cat Shows! I know I am a softee for a cute cat item, so I figure the die hard cat folks would like them too! Time will tell, so over the next couple days, I hope to show you some of the designs I have come up with!


mcd - nichol said...

okay, had to scroll down a little bit - these guys are the BEST ! ! !

Kudzu said...

Darleen, I love these. They will do great at cat shows. Good luck and sell many!

Melobeau said...

I'm a kitty fan (and big kitty jewellery fan). I think your kitties are WONDERFUL. I'll bet they are great sellers.